Leonardo’s glider

Leonardo’s glider

Our glider is inspired by the studies made ​​by Leonardo in the second part of his life, after leaving the “beating wing” concept ( ornithopters ) observed in birds and reported in many designs and machines projects trying to use the power of man to quickly move the wing , he observes and discovers the hover of larger birds .

The glider is inspired to this type of soaring flight, in which are exploited the wind, currents, and the lift of the air .

We do not know if the glider was ever tried or what results were obtained . Studies and observations following the design of the glider in the Codex Atlanticus , brought Leonardo very close to realizing his dream.

Product details

  • Item code s01
  • size 51x12x15 cm.
  • Weight 80 gr
  • Components 17
  • Material Birch plywood
  •  Estimated time of assembly 30 min.
  • Suitable for age Over 10 years
  • Difficulty level Easy


  • Box 28×22,3×5 cm
  • Weight box. 345 gr.
  • Instructions sheet ITA ENG

Video tutorial and instructions

 Download instructions: ITEN

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