Historical models to assemble

Our philosophy is the search for form, in the balance of weights and measures.
While respecting Leonardo’s inventive genius, our design is to remove, to eliminate unnecessary “frills”.
On the other hand, as Leonardo said, “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication”.

Welcome to our world …

Three recent innovations in our catalog

Three new models that refer to three different historical periods.

The stomachion of Archimedes, the Cardanian Pole of Leonardo and the flights of Lilienthal.

An accurate reconstruction

Thanks to the close collaboration with historians, experts and museums, our models are the most faithful reconstruction of designs and projects of the time.

They are also all functional and built on the principles of dynamics.

This is why our models are not simply knick-knacks, but real educational tools for learning, as well as the pleasure of building.

Educational workshop

With our models, the genius of Leonardo da Vinci is all to be built and learned.

In collaboration with institutions, municipalities and museums, we organize educational events for primary schools and visits for interns in our production reality.

We are setting up a real educational laboratory within our company.

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