Tetracedron Planus Vacuus

Tetracedron Planus Vacuus Leonardo da Vinci

From the drawing of Leonardo da Vinci, published on the “De Divina Proportione” by Luca Pacioli (1497).

It consists of 3 triangles, uses 12 interlocking joints to mount and disassemble it for several times. Does not require the use of glue.

Product details

  • Item code K01
  • Size 15×13,5×13,5 cm.
  • Weight  75 gr
  • Components 12
  • Material Betulla
  • Estimated time of assembly  30 min.
  • Suitable for age Oltre 10 Anni
  • Difficulty level  facile


  • Box size 28×22,3×5 cm
  • Box weight 115 gr.
  • Instruction sheets ITA ENG

Video tutorial and instructions

Download instructions: IT-EN

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