Leonardo’s tank

Leonardo’s da vinci tank Models

In a letter of 1482, Leonardo wrote in the court of Ludovico il Moro in Milan:

“I can build, then, covered wagons, safe and unassailable, which with the fire of their guns can penetrate through enemies without them, however numerous, they can attack them. Behind the wagon will follow the infantry, in large numbers, unharmed and without hindrance … ”

The COVERED WAGON, from a drawing of 1485 better known as “THE TANK” is located on a page of Codex Arundel at the British Library in London.

The design deliberately imprecise, it left room for many interpretations. The wagon is protecting soldiers inside through a structure composed of wooden planks and reinforced by metal plates.

The four wheels driven through gears by a number of crewmembers, allows progress under a complete protection.

This would allow him to make inroads in to the enemy lines, defeating  thanks to the many guns, placed all around the wagon and covering an effective range of 360 degrees.

Product details

  • Item code s05
  • Size 19x15x19 cm.
  • Weight 225 gr.
  • Components 55 pcs
  • Material Birch and Poplar Plywood, Walnut wood sheet.
  • Estimated time of assembly 45 min.
  • Adatto per età Over 10 years
  • Difficulty level Easy


  • Box size 28×22,3×5 cm.
  • Box weight 345 gr.
  • Instructions ITA ENG

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