Leonardo’s catapult

Leonardo's da Vinci catapult kit

The original drawing is on the 140r sheet of the Codex Atlanticus, at the “Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana” in Milan. There are many catapults, ballista and trabucchi designed by Leonardo. In this case the force is from two arc-shaped crossbows, it is transferred to the launch arm with the ropes, through a rotating drum.

The machine could be loaded quickly thanks to a toothed wheel, retained by the mechanism that triggered with the aid of a heavy hammer.

It is a detailed model full of details that made reconstruction easy, with the features designed by Leonardo.The model is working and uses the same tools designed by Leonardo, allows you to take a small object a short distance, pressing on the trigger mechanism.

Made entirely of natural wood, without varnishes or surface treatments, you can color it or perfect it according to your personal taste. The instructions in this chapter, step by step, can be assembled with ease and without errors.

Product detalis

  • Item code s10
  • Size 40x16x8 cm.
  • Weight  gr.
  • Components 36 pcs
  • Material Walnut, Birch and Poplar
  • Estimated time of assembly  min.
  • Suitable for age Over 10 years
  • Difficulty level Medium


  • Box size cm
  • Box weight  gr.
  • Istructions ITA ENG

Video tutorial and instructions

Download instructions: IT   EN

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