Leonardo paddle boat

Model in assembly box of the Leonardo da Vinci paddle boat.


In this Playlist Video you can find all the assembly steps.

1 Unpacking

Shows the unpacking of the box and the tools that you will need during the assembly of the model. These tools and materials are not present in the package.

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2 Keel Assembly

Shows in detail the assembly of the keel frame.

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3 Base Support

This is the boat pedestal, you will need it to help you on the subsequent assembly steps.MOSTRA ALTRO

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4 Keel Planking

Shows all the process of covering the surface of the keel with the pre-cutted wooden stripes.

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5 Toothed Gear

This video will teach you how to make the 2 vertical “candle gears” of the mechanic system.

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6 Central Lantern Gear

How to make the Central Lantern Gear

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7 Paddle Axel Gears

These 2 small Lantern Gears, will be placed on the Paddle Axis during the Final Assembly

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8 Deck

How to assemble all the elements of the Boat Deck and fix them in place.

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9 Paddles

How to make the 2 “Six Paddle Wheels”

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10 Lateral Gears

Due to the small size of the model, was impossible to reproduce the small elements invented by Leonardo da Vinci. We found this solution where only one Lateral Gear is involved to make turn the Paddles. The Lateral Gear with short pins, is there only for aesthetic reasons. This video shows you how these 2 gears must be made

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11 FINAL Assembly

The video shows you how to put together all the pre-assembled parts on the previous steps and make the model work in the proper way.

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