Vitruvian man in large format h.1050 mm. diam. 850 mm with rotation of the internal figure

This is the free interpretation of the monument dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s design of the Vitruvian Man.
The BASE contains a 12 volts motor which allows the slow rotation of the internal figure. The rotation speed is adjustable.

We have paid a lot of attention to the balance of shapes, a constant that characterizes the design of our entire production.

This three-dimensional way of representing Leonardo’s design, enclosing it within a spherical shape, is found, in addition to Vinci, in many other places around the world.

Our version is made with two types of wood that differ in their color, which we have left natural, without any type of colorant. The support is in Tanganika wood, treated with light straw oil which enhances its reddish color.

The figure of the man is engraved on birch wood, treated with an acrylic-based fixative to maintain its clear appearance and enhance the light veins.

The cutting and engraving techniques are done exclusively with numerical control laser machines. This made it possible to use interlocking techniques, impossible to achieve by other means.

The model can be dismantled in all its parts to facilitate its transport.

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